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xanax bars
xanax bars

xanax bars often double their dosage to 2 small quarter-sized squares. Some take an entire Xanax , which can create irritability, aggression, and hyperactive behavior. More symptoms may follow, like chest pain, low blood pressure, drowsiness, and withdrawal symptoms. Many will continue to use Xanax and pills in order to escape withdrawal symptoms like panic attacks and shaking.

Other common nicknames for Xanax include:

  • Zannies or Xannies
  • Xanbars or Zanbars
  • Handlebars, Bars, Z-bars, Totem Poles (Referencing the bar shape of a full Xanax bar)
  • Blue Footballs
  • And Benzos (short for Benzodiazepines, the class of drugs Xanax belongs to)

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